Charles Petzold's WPF Book - 'Applications = Code + Markup' available for pre-order

The godfather of Windows UI programming Charles Petzold has been writing a book on WPF programming for some time now. Fortunately the book is available now for pre-order from Amazon. The book will weigh in between 800 and 900 pages with approximately 36 chapters devided into 3 sections: Code, Markup and Applications (which ties back in nicely to the title). The contents of the book are detailed here, and you can read code samples from the book and details of topics covered on Charles' weblog. If previous books from the author are anything to go by this book should give in-depth coverage of the WPF platform. The book is scheduled to ship in Q3 or Q4 2006. Charles has been writing books on Windows UI programming since 1988, which saw his "Programming Windows 1st Edition", and its subsequent editions are considered the definitive works on Win32 UI programming.

Applications = Code + Markup book cover