.NET Framework 4.0 Solves the Single Biggest Problem with WPF Development

.NET Framework 4.0 solves the single biggest problem with WPF development - The size of the .NET framework redistributable. The full redistributable for the x86 version of the .NET framework weighs in at a svelte 37.71 MB, and the cut-down client profile (that should be suitable for many WPF client applications) is just under 31 MB! For 64-bit platforms (x64 and ia64) the full redistributable are about 55 MB each. They both have the x86 bits included also so x86 .NET applications can run in the WoW. You can get all the details here (including what is in and out of the client profile, how to target etc here). Compared to the 230 MB for the full redistributable for .NET Framework 3.5 sp1 this is a welcome relief. Whatever techniques the .NET framework team have learned putting silverlight on an extreme diet have paid off here too. Lets hope this minification of the framework continues into the RTM version.