4 Free WPF Utilities I Use Every Day, that come with source!

Here are 4 WPF utilities I use almost daily, that also have the excellent property of coming with source-code included.

Kaxaml icon Kaxaml Kaxaml is a great tool for quick experimentation with snippets of XAML. The editor has intellisense, and the app itself is gorgeous to look at. Written By Robert Ingebretsen you can download the source from codeplex.
shazzam icon Shazzam


Based on the code for Kaxaml this is a nifty app for experimenting and developing pixel shaders, especially for inclusion in WPF applications. It compiles the shaders, builds C#/VB.NET “wrappers” and auto-generates a GUI for editing the shader properties inside of Shazzam (so you can ‘twiddle the knobs’ and see what the effect on the shader is). Developed by Walt Ritscher it can also be downloaded from codeplex.

snoop icon Snoop


Think “firebug for WPF” - Snoop is my favourite application for viewing, editing and inspecting the visual tree of WPF applications. From its irreverent icon down to the many nice little touches in the UI, it is a great app, and I find myself turning to it, usually to get a better understanding of my OWN code rather than anyone elses. Originally written by Peter Blois it is now also hosted on Codeplex.


inkscape logo Inkscape Inkscape is an open-source vector graphics editor, primarily targeting SVG but which in the last couple of versions added support for XAML. I enjoy using the inkscape editor more than I like Expression Design, although I think Expression Design’s XAML output options are better than inkscape. Inkscape is none-the-less a useful tool, especially when working with “raw materials” that aren’t in XAML format. You can download the source form sourceforge.


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