WPF theme generation with Thematic–install via ClickOnce from CodePlex

My WPF theme creation tool thematic is now available for install directly from codeplex. I’m calling it beta 1 and it still has a few rough edges. Briefly here is the problem it tries to solve:

The Problem: Creating a custom theme for your WPF application, such as selecting colors and creating custom control templates and styles can be a long and complicated process, especially for smaller teams without dedicated design skills.

How Thematic Helps: Thematic helps you to fast-track this by letting you choose from a number of groups of custom control templates and styles, and then choose colors that match your company, project or campaign. Then you can generate this out as a running Visual Studio solution, with the theme and style information factored out nicely into a separate DLL.

The Process: Choose some colors, choose a set of control templates, click Generate.

I created a screen-cast a little while back that shows how to do this with a slightly older build of thematic.