WPF Kaleidoscope Inspired by Coco and Igor Movie Credits

I recently watching the movie Coco and Igor (which chronicles the brief romantic encounter between Coco Chanel and Igor Stranvinsky), and was impressed by the beautiful opening credits which really set the tone for what was a very stylish film. After that I was naturally tempted to try and re-create the effect in WPF. You can see the results here (with supporting soundtrack courtesy of Igor Stravinsky).

Damask kaleidoscope inspired by Coco & Igor opening credits from Joseph Cooney on Vimeo.

For comparison a portion of the original credits are at the end of the video (from about the 45~second mark onwards). I didn’t refer to the original credits at all when I was creating my ‘version’ which is probably all to the good – I probably would have found it too depressing, because the original credits are still much better. The code is included as a project in my LearnWPF samples project on bitbucket.


That’s quite nice. A good way to provide lot of clarity with WPF..
13/04/2011 4:10:51 AM
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