Recap – What’s new in WPF 4.5

As Visual Studio 2012, .NET 4.5 and WPF 4.5 near release (I believe there is some kind of minor windows release going out at the same time too) you might be asking what is new in WPF 4.5? For those looking for a refresher, or if you missed it the first time around you should check out Pete Brown’s video and sample code form DEV335, his session from Tech.Ed 2012 (USA Edition) where he covers a bunch of interesting things including:

  • async/await and Task<T> support in WPF 4.5
  • Using the built-in ribbon control
  • Data Binding improvements (delay, expression information)
  • Weak References for Events
  • Stuff lifted from Silverlight (INotifyDataErrorInfo, ICustomTypeProvider)
  • Collection changes from non-UI threads
  • Live shaping of collections

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